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Great Portable Speakers For The iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 27, 2012 11:24 BST

The fact that all modern smartphones work abroad in numerous countries they are now an essential accessory for holiday makers everywhere. The fact that phones like the iPhone 4S now join consumers on their travels means that other features can be taken advantage of and one feature that most people will take advantage of is the excellent music player. The large storage capacity on the phone is capable of holding thousands of tracks but sometimes the internal loudspeaker simply do not deliver the quality of sound that is required. We look at two great alternative speaker options for the 4S.

If you are looking for a compact set of speakers that will not break the bank then the Gear 4 Street Party Size Zero may be the perfect option for you. As it s name suggests the device is tiny in size which makes it the perfect option to slip into a suitcase. At just 16mm deep the speakers are remarkably thin and in terms of height they are only a fraction taller than the iPhone 4S. As you may expect the unit is also very lightweight, tipping the scales at just 320 grammes. Not only is the Size Zero very compact but it is also very pleasing on the eye thanks to a stylish design and a range of vibrant colours including pink and green. The unit boasts a 3.5mm auxiliary input so it can be used with the majority of smartphones but users of the 4S can make use of a fold away docking port located at the bottom of the unit. This speaker system is great value at just £70 and offer a combination of stylish design, compact size and great sound quality.

If you are looking to spend more of your cash on a unit that delivers an even better sound quality then the Jawbone Jambox is a great option at around £140. Despite measuring just 155 x 57 x 40mm the unit delivers sound quality that surpasses what the majority of alternative systems can offer. One thing that is evident when you handle the Jambox is that the highest quality materials are used in its construction. The device looks and feels well made and the range of colours that are available means that there is a design to suit everybody. Each different colour sports a different speaker design. There are two great elements to this super speaker. The first is that it enables phones to be connected via Bluetooth, meaning your iPhone 4S does not need to be physically docked to the speaker. This also means that a number of other compatible models can be used. The speaker also features a built in microphone so calls can be conducted via the unit which saves time in disconnecting your phone when an incoming call is received.

To make the most out of the music facilities on the iPhone 4S it is advisable to use a separate speaker system and the two we have discussed are two of the very best around. The Size Zero is a wallet friendly option boasting an incredibly small size while the Jambox delivers the optimum sound quality combined with stylish looks.

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