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Happy couple take the train to wedding reception

News   •   May 09, 2016 05:04 BST

The newlyweds booked a carriage for the entire party after tying the knot on Saturday (7 May 2016).

Ben, 30, and Holly, 29, said their vows at St Stephen’s Church in Dulwich, south London. As the ceremony was nearing the end, guests were told a train carriage was booked. And the party of 70 were handed their train tickets by the wedding ushers before they headed for nearby Sydenham Hil station.

Guests at Ben and Holly's wedding

But when the happy couple and their guests arrived at their departing station, they were in for a little surprise.

Southeastern’s group travel coordinator Sharon McCarthy, who organised the carriage for them, had arranged for the station and their carriage to be decorated with balloons, ribbons and bunting stating: “Just Married”.
And the electronic customer information screens above the platform showed the message: “Rear coach reserved for Holly and Ben’s wedding party!”

Designer Holly, 29, from Gypsy Hill, south London, said that al her guests thought it was a really novel and great way to travel to their reception, which was being held at Brockwell Lido, in Herne Hill.

Holly added: “It was a great day. We contacted Southeastern earlier this year and asked about getting 70 tickets in advance for all our guests.

“We spoke to a lady called Sharon and said it was to take a wedding party from Sydenham Hill to Herne Hill as our reception was in the nearby Lido.

“Sharon was so helpful. She said she would reserve the carriage for all of us and even offered to be on the train on the day to make sure the carriage was empty when it arrived at our station.

“We had told our guests that transport was provided, and it stated that on our website. It was only at the end of the wedding that it was announced we were using the train so it was a bit of a surprise for some, I guess.

“But catching the train those two stops was really the quickest and cheapest way for us and everyone thought it was a really novel and great idea for a wedding party to travel like this.

“The church is next door to Sydenham Hill and when we arrived at Herne Hill we only had a short walk to the lido through Brockwell Park. The sun was shining and it was a fabulous day.”

Southeastern’s Head of Customer Service Alison Nolan said: “I am very pleased that Ben and Holly and all their guests had such a lovely day and I am glad we could help get them to their reception. On behalf of all at Southeastern I would like to send the happy couple our congratulations.”