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High Proportion Of Samsung Galaxy Users Switch To Sony Xperia Z In The UK

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 20:06 BST

Sony Mobile has seen a huge increase in its market share in recent months. Of course, this is thanks largely to the Xperia Z, its latest flagship Android model. While the Japanese manufacturer still has a much lower market share than the likes of Apple and Samsung, the success of its Xperia devices has seen a steady increase in the popularity of the brand.

Xperia Blog has recently reported on research carried out by Kantar Worldpanel. The results of the research showed that in recent months, Sony Mobile has become the fourth biggest smartphone brand in the UK. More interestingly, the research found that 38% of Sony Xperia Z owners in the UK had previously owned a Samsung smartphone, with the majority switching from the South Korean manufacturer's 2011 flagship, the Galaxy S2. The best Sony Xperia Z offers from UK networks are listed on our website.

Because Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, this will of course be great news for Sony. It clearly shows that the company's Xperia range of Android smartphones is increasing in popularity, to the point where many UK based users of the devices prefer them to Samsung's offerings. The Sony Xperia Z was recently joined by a new phablet counterpart, the Xperia Z Ultra. Although this device will face tough competition in the phablet niche from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max, the device has seen encouraging early impressions from reviewers, thanks to its huge 6.4 inch display, stylish design and high-end features, the device certainly looks capable of making an impact in the competitive phablet niche. Visit our website for further reading on the Sony Xperia Z.

Because a seemingly high proportion of Xperia Z owners in the UK went to the Xperia Z from the Samsung Galaxy S2, the results of this research suggest that the phones follow-up devices, the Galaxy S3 and more recent Galaxy S4 failed to tempt Galaxy S2 owners to upgrade to later Samsung devices. Thanks to a 5 inch 1080p display, waterproof certifications, Android Jellybean OS and a quad-core processor, it is easy to see why so many ex-Samsung users opted for the Sony Xperia Z as their next smartphone.

If you made the switch from a Samsung smartphone the Sony XPERIA Z, let us know the reasons why in the comments section.