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Home Office: £13m Seized from crooks pumped back into the fight against crime

News   •   Dec 23, 2009 11:23 GMT

Millions of pounds of criminal cash is being given back to help the fight against crime, Home Office Minister Alan Campbell announced today.

Between July and September this year, assets worth more than £26 million were seized from crooks.

Half the money will go back to police, prosecutors and courts, with £5 million handed to forces across England and Wales through the asset recovery scheme.

Since the Proceeds of Crime Act came into effect in 2003 more than £600 million of ill-gotten gains have now been seized from criminals.

Home Office Minister Alan Campbell said:

"The asset recovery scheme hits crooks twice — it takes away the trappings of their criminal lifestyle and gives money back to the fight against crime.

"Seizing assets is an important tool in the fight against organised crime, from the street corner dealers to gangland kingpins.”

Half of the £26.32 million seized in the second quarter of this year goes to crime fighting, with the money split between police, prosecutors, courts and other agencies.2. Assets seized in the second quarter will see £13.16 million shared between crime fighting agencies. The split is as follows:

• Police - £5.13m
• Her Majesty's Court Service - £2.22m
• Crown Prosecution Service - £2.11m
• Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs - £1.15m
• Serious Organised Crime Agency - £0.88m
• Others (local authorities and other govt departments) - £1.67m

3. Police, prosecutors and courts receive a share of confiscation order receipts on an 18.75/18.75/12.5 per cent basis respectively.


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