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Housebuilder wins appeal to build new homes in Cleethorpes

News   •   Nov 16, 2010 09:53 GMT

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STAMFORD Homes is poised to start work on a new housing project in Cleethorpes after an appeal against planning refusal was upheld and costs awarded against the council.


The 38 homes at Curzon Avenue will comprise a range of two and three bedroom semi-detached, terrace and bungalow styles – together with 58 parking spaces and public open space.


The scheme will also include an element of affordable homes to meet the local housing needs.


North East Lincolnshire Council turned down the original proposal for 38 homes despite the site  being allocated and the scheme receiving a recommendation for approval from the planning department.


As well as providing stylish and affordable housing for the town, the project is also expected to give a jobs boost to the area in terms skilled employment.


Stamford Homes Technical Director Andy Cramer said: “We are obviously delighted that the appeal has been upheld – given we have had extensive dialogue with the planning authority on this site and as such obtained officers recommendations for approval for this sustainable and planning policy compliant residential development.”


Work is due to start early 2011 with the first homes completed by summer 2011.










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Notes to the Editor:

Stamford Homes operates throughout the East Midlands and Lincolnshire and forms a part of Galliford Try’s Housebuilding Division: Galliford Try Homes.

Galliford Try Homes operates through four strong regional brands: Linden Homes, Stamford Homes, Midas Homes, and Gerald Wood Homes specialising in brownfield development.  The business is capable of developing over 3,000 homes per year, covering the entire region from the West Country to Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and the South-East.



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