How Digital is Transforming the Role of IT: Leading with Digital

News   •   May 22, 2016 13:17 BST

How Digital is Transforming the Role of IT: Leading with Digital
Speaker: Jeroen Derynck
1-2 December 2016, London


Digital is rewriting the playbook of both business and IT. With the right digital technologies, firms can develop new business models, find new revenue streams, deliver exceptional customer experience and optimize business operations.

This, however, means entering an arena where digital adversaries have the capacity and sophistication to cause major disruptions in business operations and affect bottom line performance. Internet start-ups are outperforming traditional players thanks to technological advantages, deep data insight and a culture where agility rules and innovation is business as usual.

This seminar and workshop gives you a unique insight into the new forces at play in a digital-first world. It provides practical guidance on how to start up the much-needed transformation and scale for growth in an online world. It will help you navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of disruptive technologies, innovative business models, new job descriptions and emerging organisational designs.

Key topics include:

  • Why digital is a board imperative
  • Meet your disruptors: the rise of the billion dollar start-ups
  • The new role of IT: bringing agility to the enterprise
  • How to set up a digital transformation program
  • Towards a programmable enterprise; why APIs rule the web
  • Learning Objectives

    In this two-day seminar and workshop, business and IT management and professionals will discover:

  • How cloud, mobile, social, and big data affect business as usual
  • Which capabilities are needed to shift to a digital business model
  • How to build the case for change and convert this into a successful program
  • What are essential building blocks in terms of people, process and technology
  • How to become an agent of change and drive the transformation
  • How companies benefit from new development and innovation frameworks