How Regus is revolutionising workplace recovery

News   •   Oct 14, 2016 09:42 BST

Regus, the world’s largest serviced office provider, has recently launched its pioneering Dynamic Workplace Recovery Solution. The solution allows companies to instantaneously and flexibly recover their employees in multiple locations based upon the particular demands of an event. Instead of relying completely on a pre-determined site, clients can recover anywhere - same city or different country, close to home or close to work - based upon the impact of the event. This improves the probability of employees being able to get to a productive workplace during a crisis, and therefore improves the ability for companies to be resilient.

Moreover, clients are guaranteed availability as Regus does not oversubscribe and has a large and growing set of centres that are available to companies in need. To do this, Regus leverages its ~500,000 seats in Regus centres throughout the world through innovative inventory and demand management processes.

The Dynamic Workplace Recovery solution is the first offering to leverage over 3,000 sites to create operational resiliency. Rather than being dependent on large generators, the solution guarantees resiliency by relying on a large network of sites. If, for instance, one of the facilities is down, clients simply recover in an operable site nearby.

In addition, the Dynamic Workplace Recovery solution is the first to provide a professional recovery environment that operates as a functioning business office every day of the year. By providing people with a stimulating work environment after an event, Regus helps ensure that companies can implement their business continuity plans without complication and remain productive.

Joe Sullivan, Managing Director of Workplace Recovery, Regus comments: “We believe that Regus Dynamic Workplace Recovery is the most innovative product in the workplace continuity space in over 20 years. The solution has been designed to meet the needs of today’s global, mobile and remote workforce by providing over 3000 locations globally to recover when an incident happens. Businesses can plan, be prepared, and reduce risk when disaster strikes. They are not limited to pre-determined decisions and can act swiftly and appropriately depending on the nature of the event.

To learn more about Regus Workplace Recovery and the innovative Dynamic product, click here.

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