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HTC And Robert Downey Jr. In Talks Of Endorsement Deal

News   •   Jun 24, 2013 11:45 BST

Like many other consumer products, celebrity endorsements are playing an increasing role in promotion of smart phones. A recent example includes the widely reported collaboration between Samsung and Jay-Z. The rumoured $20 million contract will see early access and a free download of the hip hop superstar’s eagerly anticipated upcoming album for owners of selected Galaxy devices.

Obviously, with a huge global firm base, an association with Jay-Z would give Samsung an edge over its rival manufacturers, and a boost to its image in the increasingly competitive smartphone market. It looks like Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer HTC may also be in the process of finalising its own celebrity endorsement contract, as Android Authority reports that the company may be recruiting Robert Downey Jr. to promote its products.

Of course, Robert Downey Jr. has been one of the biggest names in the Hollywood film industry for many years, and the star of numerous blockbuster franchises including Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man and The Avengers. Although this deal has not been officially confirmed, it is believed that the endorsement of HTC products could be worth as much as $12,000,000 to the Hollywood A-lister.

There is little doubt the HTC produces some of the best smart phone models on the market. For example, its flagship HTC One has gained widespread critical acclaim, and won several awards during its short time on the market. While sales of the phone have been quite good, they pale in significance when compared to competing devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4. In recent years, the fall of HTC's market share has been widely blamed on its low marketing expenditure. For example, Samsung spent $400 million on marketing in the US in 2012 alone. In comparison, only $46 million was spent by HTC. It certainly seems that there is a correlation between marketing expenditure and sales when it comes to smartphones. Visit our website to find the best prices on HTC One tariffs.

Although the exact details of the endorsement deal have not been finalized, the website reports that it is likely to involve Robert Downey Jr. appear in HTC commercials on billboards, print and television. It is not known whether or not HTC devices will be used in his films but with the recent confirmation of new Avengers and Iron Man movies, this would certainly be a great opportunity for HTC to gain some much needed mainstream exposure.

We expect to hear more news about this endorsement deal in the coming weeks, so we will keep you posted when we hear of any further details.