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HTC Enjoys An Improved Q2 Financially Thanks To The Release Of The HTC One

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 09:01 BST

When it comes to Android smartphone manufacturers HTC are a shadow of the company that they used to be.  Once the Taiwanese manufacturers dominated the market place but the surge in popularity of Samsung has ensured that they have struggled over the past two years.  The new HTC One device was charged with trying to return some of the former glory to the company and judging by Q2 figures it looks as though it may have had a reasonable level of success.  

During the first three months of 2013 HTC endured a torrid time and only managed to generate a very small amount of profit but the second quarter of the year was much better thanks to the release of the HTC One device.  The company have just released their preliminary Q2 figures and revenue and profits have both showed a dramatic increase.  According to Reuters news agency the firm managed to generate a total revenue of £1.56 billion over the three month period in question.  The more important profit figure also looks very healthy with £27.6 million being registered after tax.  This shows a marked improvement over Q1 when the profit stood at just £1.84 million.  This upturn in fortune may be short lived however.  Shortly after the HTC One was launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived and Q3 figures will give us an idea about how the models have performed head to head for three solid months.

The latest figures will be welcomed by executives at HTC and shareholders but they may be slightly disappointed with the figures that have been released.   When a new handset is launched there is usually a big boost in sales during the first month and then in the following months demand tends to decrease.  This could mean that Q3 earnings resembles the Q1 figures rather than Q2.  HTC will be hoping that the release of some high profile new phones helps to maintain the impressive Q2 performance.  We are expecting to see the new HTC One Mini launched soon while the HTC One Max, a handset boasting a massive 6 inch display, is also tipped to make an appearance soon.  Visit our site for the best HTC One deals

The HTC One has fulfilled its brief in boosting sales for HTC and the company will be hoping that this model along with some new addition can continue to sell well over the coming months.