HTC offers affordable yet superior quality smartphones like HTC Desire

News   •   Jul 09, 2012 13:00 BST

After unveilingthe exceptionally impressive HTC Legend, HTC comes back again in the competition with its newest HTC Desire. This smartphone is much faster, more powerful, bigger, and supported by the latest Android OS. At first glance, it might be look-alike to the Nexus One which is also made by HTC. Although they share resemblance, they are not really identical in terms of the hardware and specifications in general.

The HTC Desire has a 3.7 capacitive touchscreen, which is an AMOLED screen display to make it extremely bright and clear. Below the screen there are four buttons that include Menu, Back, Search, and Home. Going back to the screen features, HTC Desire are almost flush and set in pleasantly-looking aluminium shell, where the screen reaches the edge of the case nicely. The optical is much better and comfortable compared to a trackball with no moving parts and an optical is more durable. HTC has provided the mobile phone the Terminator Eye once more which is basically an optical track pad that registers tap motion by the finger over the sensor.

The phone is very slim with dimensions of 119 x 60 x 11.9 mm and only weighs 133 grams. The compact size of the HTC Desire means that this cool smartphone is very pocket-friendly indeed, yet there is no need to worry about the phone getting slip off one’s pocket. It also as a rubberised shell, which is a bit hard to hold on sometimes, but sits very nicely in the hand of the user.

As for its performance, an HTC Desire review says that the mobile phone has comparatively low powered 600 MHz processors to power Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC has blended in Android’s latest OS and it surprisingly worked very well with the mobile phone. There are also plenty of widgets to customise the home screen and the shortcuts for the apps as well. When the user flicks between apps and menus, the process is fast and the only sign of slowing down seen was because of the complex web pages and a large PDF. This HTC smartphone makes all the different ways perfect to meet one’s day-to-day use and the camera snaps fast and enjoyable to explore. As for the overall quality of performance, it is apparently not an issue with HTC Desire.

Majority of smartphones tend to fit into one of two classifications when it comes to battery life, it could only be either one or two days. The HTC Desire only has a 4.6Wh battery but conveniently lasts for 48 hours before dropping below the 10 % indicative mark of needing a refill. This can be considered a good effort for the part of the manufacturer since not all smartphones can really stay fully charged in two days. As for the camera, HTC Desire camera app is well-developed with plenty of effects and settings. It is responsive enough when there is a need to switch between video and photo modes both with a 5-MP quality picture. This smartphone can actually record basic quality video at 460 x 480 resolutions. Overall, there is no doubt that HTC Desire offers value for money to provide people superior quality phone at affordable prices.