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HTC One Announced In Red Colour Scheme

News   •   Jun 28, 2013 20:39 BST

Following its launch earlier this year, the HTC One has become one of the most sought after smartphone models on the market. With several million sales already clocked up, along with widespread critical acclaim and a number of awards, we expect the device to remain one of the most popular mobile phones of 2013.

Thanks to its stylish design and high-end specifications, the HTC One certainly offers the full package. Alongside its advanced spec list, the phone boasts the eye catching and stylish aluminium chassis, which is offered in black and silver colour options. Recently though, there has been news of a new colour variant of the HTC One hitting the market.

Ahead of the phone’s official announcement earlier this year, leaked images of a red version of the phone were posted online, alongside pictures of the silver and black options. So far though, the red version of the HTC One has not hit the market, most likely due to component shortages affecting production of the device. It is likely that HTC may have prioritised the allocation of components for the silver and black versions, which were likely to be the most popular. However, since it was revealed that the phone’s supply chain issues now appear to have been resolved, GSM Arena has reported that the Taiwanese manufacturer has officially confirmed that the red HTC One will be released. The website has reported that the device will be offered in a colour scheme called glamour red, and will hit the UK first in mid July, with other European markets following later this year. Visit our website for more info on the HTC One in Glamour Red, along with cheap HTC One offers.

Rumours of a blue version of the HTC One have also been circulating recently, but so far there has been no official word about this device hitting the market. After Samsung's recent announcement of five new colour variants for its flagship Galaxy S4, the release of the HTC One in a much more striking and eye catching colour option certainly seems like a good idea. Because we've been waiting so long for the red HTC One to be released, we expect the phone to be a popular choice.