HTC One S: Leading the Pack of HTC’s Line of Groundbreaking Smartphones

News   •   Jul 10, 2012 07:00 BST

The HTC One S is one of the premium brands of HTC’s Android 4.0-enabled phone. This phone is built for the Ice Cream Sandwich, Android’s operating system’s latest iteration. Its svelte and beautiful body speaks of sophistication and brings the whole world right on your palm with its lightning-speed browsing ability. The HTC One S spearheads the One Series of HTC, and though it is one of the priciest, you can expect that the money you have invested is definitely money well-spent through this device.

 A top-of-the-line smartphone with focus on web connectivity, pictures and music, what else can you as for with this technology?


The HTC One Sweb browsing ability is through Google Chrome which is powered by the Ice Cream Sandwich. Hold your horses as this HTC wonder has the same great internet browsing speed with an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy S2. Amazing? Yes! The pages load only in a matter of seconds either by 3G or WiFi connection. Even pages with high resolution graphics or videos load cleanly with very unnoticeable lags. You can also sync your desktop bookmarks on the browser of the HTC One S. This phone is brilliant in every sense. The interface is also undeniably fast which supports web activity at its maximum.


According to social studies, the camera is one of the biggest considerations that mobile phone buyers are thinking of. With that, HTC decided that they cannot afford to lose in the shutter-battle. The HTC One Sbrags of an 8 mega pixel snapper that captures even the littlest details! Samsung Galaxy S2 is now given some major competition, if not a run for their own money!


Media experience takes a stunning turning point with the HTC One S. Clearly, the iPhone manufacturers must be sweating right now. HTC has proven that Apple is not the only phone company that can provide a state-of-the-art media experience with the music quality of this amazing phone. Infused with the Beats Audio, a technology that creates a precise, rich and authentic musical sound, the HTC One S is not just heavy on Internet and camera features, but also with a clear-cut music technology for sensitive and meticulous audiophiles.

Additional Ups and Downs

Some might not like the idea that the HTC One S does not support an expandable memory. It has a fixed 16 GB internal memory storage and a 1GB RAM. It has no micro SD slot for that matter. Also, the back panel of the phone is intact and only the top portion of the back can be opened, thus the battery cannot be pulled out as it is sealed in.

HTC One S is announced as the thinnest phone ever released by HTC with a 4.3-inch AMOLED weighing only 119.5 grams and it is also tagged as the most powerful. Because of its potentials, it has been compared by many other top smartphones such as iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Sony Xperia.