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HTC One X burns

News   •   Aug 16, 2013 12:51 BST

There have been a number of reports of smartphones bursting into flames. These phones include the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy handsets. Now it’s HTC’s turn. According to a report, an HTC One X smartphone has burned. It’s fortunate that no one was hurt when the smartphone bust into flames.

The report comes from VR-Zone. According to the site, “An HTC One X owner from Taiwan has reported that his phone “spontaneously combusted”. According to a publicly available Facebook post, he says that he was in the middle of charging his phone when it burst into flames.

“The user says he went into a local Far Eastern Tone office, a Taiwanese telco, to try and get a replacement phone, but they insisted on a $21 USD ($300 Taiwan Dollar) inspection fee.”

The site added, “HTC says that it’s dealing with the situation.”

HTC One X users report that the handset’s battery tends to swell over time.

Although this incident had the potential to cause harm, we’re just glad it didn’t. In a previous report, an iPhone electrocuted its owner to death. This prompted Apple to launch the USB Power Adapter Takeback Program.

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