HTC One X could possibly be better than the iPhone 4S?

News   •   Jul 11, 2012 07:00 BST

When talking about top-of-the-line mobile phones, the HTC One X is so far deserverving of the title of one of the best handsets released by HTC. That is also why many analysts have started to compare the this smartophone with other popular handsets such as the Apple iPhone 4S white.  Generally speaking, iPhone has been or may remain as a relatively small for a smartphone. However, it is not the thinnest phone at 9mm, but it has the smallest screen size at just 3.5 inches. As for the One X, it has a bigger display at 4.7 inches and is 8.9mm matched with angular sides making it easy to grip by the user.

In terms of size, it is safe to say that the iPhone 4S white is smaller than the One X which is too big. However, does this really matter? Considering the fact that most Android phones have bigger screens and they own 50 % of the smartphone market and the same share goes for Apple. This would also suggest that a large number of consumers are settled with bigger phones these days. In spite of being too big in size, One X still offers sense of comfort when handled by the user and the resolution for viewing media files, gaming, and using apps is utterly impressive. So, the first round goes to HTC One X, which is bigger but does not sacrifice comfort and user-friendly control settings.

As for the processor, the iPhone 4S white A5 processor may seem old, but it is still packed with tons of features. Majority of the smartphones today don’t surpass the iPhone benchmark tests, but the One X does in several major areas. Some of these areas include traditional computer tasks and the usual web browsing speed. The Qualcomm Krait processors let HTC One X to be highly capable of doing this. While the One X may have a point there, the iPhone 4S white graphics processing still knock downs the competition. So, it is safe to say that the winner of this round is the iPhone 4S.

Android and Apple OS battles each other in the operating system arena, considering the fact that these two are widely used OS by many mobile phone developers. Android claims that Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 tops the competition, meaning the latest upgrade to Google’s OS does provide significant system developments. However, many analysts might agree that it still does not match the simplistic design of Apple iOS 5 in its iPhone 4S white. To keep up with this competition, HTC has added Sense 4.0 UI in its HTC One X to also make some significant improvements. The overall rate still goes for iOS 5 because it is more powerful, less power-intensive, and faster.

Lastly, many people prefer to own a smartphone with brilliant display. The iPhone 4S white display has always been considered the best because of the IPS technology it uses in its LCD panel. The HTC One X uses a Super LCD display which provides very clear, vibrant, and excellent colours. Technically, the iPhone Retina display may look better but the screen is slightly denser at 326ppi as compared to the One X at 317ppi display. The HTC’s phone definitely does a better job in making the icons on screen appear right on top of the panel unlike the iPhone. So, this means that the HTC One X has a better and excellent widescreen display.