HTC Sensation XL Available in White

News   •   Mar 19, 2012 09:00 GMT

The HTC Sensation is just that; a sensation. Now that the firm has launched the latest HTC Sensation XL, which is a bigger version of the original and has a screen that is 4.7”, it bridges the gap between a smartphone and a bulky tablet PC. With a stylish phone such as this the larger model simply adds more purpose and looks really smart yet has more of a focus on multimedia and music use.

It’s noticeably different in size and is available in white, which is one of the most flattering of colours for a high-tech device. As smartphones are no longer just a phone that can do a few other tasks, they are seen as a fashion statement too, and the larger, more purposeful HTC Sensation XL in white really adds weight to that.

With the bigger screen it means that even more technology can be crammed into the device and thanks to the S-LCD capacitive screen it means that the clarity and visual display is second to none. As mentioned, the XL is more suited to audio and thanks to Dr Dre’s Audio Beats technology you can gain a very high quality of sound quality that outclasses all other phones out there. The Beats headphones are very sought-after and are too a fashion statement as well as a fully-functioning device. With 16GB of storage, there is ample room for keeping songs and media files on it, as well as replacing the need to have a separate MP3 player.

As smartphones need to shine in all aspects of what is expected these days, the Internet browsing capabilities are sensational. With WiFi and 3G connections, you can connect to almost anything and anywhere you go. Although the WiFi connection is very fast it does tend to draw a lot of battery life but it doesn’t use up your data allowance so it’s give and take when it comes to browsing the net. The phone chooses the best connection depending on the availability and will switch between them accordingly. With the 3G connection, speeds are available up to 14.4MBps which is ample for watching YouTube videos and makes webpages load quickly.

As standard across most of the range of HTC phones, the HTC Sensation XL has an 8-megapixel camera that produces fantastic images that are seriously high quality. The video footage that it can create are HD 720p, which is more than enough for a phone camera/video camera. To back up the exceptional camera, there is an LED flash, auto focus, touch focus and face detection.

As with all Android phones, you get the synonymous Android OS and you can choose between the Gingerbread OS or the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. This powerful software means that you can have up to seven homepages and a myriad of apps ready and waiting. The beauty about the HTC Sensation XL in white is that it’s available across a number of UK networks and you can see which one suits your needs best at MobilePhoneChecker.