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“I wouldn’t have managed without Arabic!”

News   •   Apr 02, 2013 08:41 BST

“Speaking some Arabic was a requirement for getting this job”, states Eleftheria from Greece, now living and working in Mansourieh, Lebanon. Eleftheria’s voice is full of energy, she and her daughter enjoy their new life in Mansourieh. At a 10 km distance from Beirut, Mansourieh “is quiet and nice, and schools are super good here”, says Eleftheria. 

Eleftheria took her first Arabic course with AMBergh Education in Beirut in the summer of 2010. “I was in love with Beirut and I liked everything”, says Eleftheria.

When returning to Greece, she joined AMBergh’s Arabic Online programme. When the economic crisis hit Greece, Eleftheria lost her job. Studying Arabic online enabled Eleftheria to “take her course with her” to France, where she finished a Master in Information and Communication.

“My Arabic online teacher, Ms Hasnaa in Cairo, was excellent”, says Eleftheria. “I have always loved Lebanese music. In my online course, I focused on reading the Arabic songs. I finally learnt the meaning of the songs I loved.” Eleftheria now manages her everyday life in Arabic. Mansourieh is not like Beirut, says Eleftheria. “Here I wouldn’t have managed without Arabic!”