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IBM chosen to support Otrum in providing its first-class customer service

News   •   May 15, 2014 10:49 BST

IBM announced Tuesday 13th of May, that it has been selected by Otrum to provide a centralized and single point of contact support for Otrum, the provider of multi-platform smart solutions for the hospitality industry. IBM will provide first line support from the support centre in Erfurt in Germany handling six languages including Swedish, Finnish, German, French, Italian and English. The parties have signed a three-year agreement which follows a successful cooperation since 2011.

Otrum have been serving customers since 1985, consistently leading technology development and empowering customers through the provision of guest-centric tools such as guest internet, networks, interactive IPTV, movies and TV channels to the hospitality industry. Otrum also enables hotel staff to harness the power of tailored communications and marketing, guest profiling and analysis of guest behaviour. The breadth of services and the ambition to enhance the travel experience requires a knowledgeable expertise based support organization with extensive experience.

­  IBM has consistently met high standards for quality delivery which is why we feel confident that the IBM Service and Support desk service will help us enhance the hospitality experience for our clients, says Michael Franken, Vice President After Sales, Otrum. We have been very happy with the service levels IBM has provided. The customer satisfaction has consistently increased over the years, which is key to us.

The IBM support centre handles over 1000 calls each month and today the customer satisfaction rating, which is performed after each call, is 4 on a scale between 1 and 5. IBM also delivers over 90 percent availability with a 65 percent resolution rate on the first call.

­  We are honoured and happy that Otrum has selected IBM to provide their important first level and guest internet support, says Fredrik Årgårdh, Sales Specialist, IBM. To keep a skilled and well trained support team in-house offering top-class service 24x7 with a focus on customer satisfaction can be both difficult and expensive. With the IBM support organization Otrum gets a flexible and cost-effective service with standardized SLAs that also increase the customer satisfaction that is an important part of the hospitality experience.