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Image Is Everything! Well Almost...

News   •   Mar 03, 2012 18:03 GMT

Vibrator Kingdom is the brand that brings you quality, cool and the best brands in the vibrator/ sex toy industry.  Times are changing, image is almost everything! Now brand messages, core brand fundamentals and a behind the scene insight into any brand is essential information when you are making your vibrator or sex toy choice. 

Vibrator Kingdom believes in the brands we present to you on this site. Future more, we have relationships with the people behind the brand and want to show you them how we see them... as the key players in future of pleasure goods retail. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be showing you our stocked brands in more depth individually, with special blogs written just about them. We have already started to present these brands to you, in the manner that they deserve to be presented. 

Brand pages such as YESforLOV, Doc Johnson and Shiri Zinn have been designed to show you the "Brand" that they are. Please take a look at these pages. All other brands will be shown in this way by the end of March, so please come back and take a look.

If you are interested in the "why" "who" and "where" behind the products we stock at Vibrator Kingdom then our blogs Introducing a brand each week will be of interest to you. Don't be kept in the dark! get the knowledge you need when choosing the brands for your body.