Impressive New Dual SD Card iPhone 4S Case Available

News   •   Aug 31, 2012 13:00 BST

Despite the fact that the new iPhone 5 is coming out there are the Apple faithful that will see out their mobile phone contract with their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. This is why there are more and more accessories still being made for the older generation phones as there are simply so many owners. The new dual SD card case allows iPhone 4 and 4S owners to swap between micro and normal SD cards with a switch. The Dual SIM Card Case will be released this month and is set to be a very good seller.

The funky case has an angular back that is modern and smart, and barely even registers around the front; which is just what you need to avoid disturbing the clean, sleek lines of the iPhone. The case is made by thumbsUp, the gift and gadget developer, which has come up with an incredibly innovative design that sees you remove your SIM card and place it into the adapter under the case, this has a switch that lets you flick between SIM cards and it means that the SD cards are protected from the elements and being tapped or knocked.

You do need to switch off the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 before switching SIM cards, as this enables it to load up the iOS with your new SD card fully functioning. The cover slides are very durable and that means that dirt and dust won’t be able to get into the device or under the cover, and there is a free SIM key that comes with the Dual SIM Card Case. Unlike some iPhone 4S gadgets or iOS upgrades there is no software to be installed so it’s simply a case of being able to run two SIM cards at the same time without having to carry one around with you as they are small and very easy to lose.

The new case comes at a time when people are filling up their 8GB, 16GB or even their 32GB iPhones, so it means that you can have extra storage space and memory space on the run. If you run out of space or your phone starts to slow down a little, then flick a switch and you’ve got your new SIM card running straight away. However, if you use your phone for work and for personal use then you can separate the two and keep everything in order. So it’s practical, innovative and handy at the same time, not to mention it’s very smart looking and gives your older iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S a new lease of life before the iPhone 5 comes out.

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