Improving Business Performance through Integrated Business/IT Planning, Jeroen Derynck, 21-22 November 2013, London

News   •   Aug 26, 2013 10:57 BST

The world’s largest 500 companies  lose more than $14 billion* every year from failed IT projects alone. Only companies  that receive focused board direction on IT-related risk will have a competitive  advantage over those that don’t.

Survival in today’s complex business climate demands effective and decisive action.           Organisations can only remain competitive if they keep up with the challenges of the new economy.  Change is the new business as usual. Executives are confronted with new paradigms like the consumerisation of IT, cloud computing, big data and the rise of the mobile customer. Enterprises have to continuously adapt strategy, operations and IT investments to remain on par with the          changing consumer behaviour and fierce competition.  In the current business  climate, technology has the potential to evolve towards a ‘strategic’ role in   support of the chosen business strategies and even lay the foundation for a new  business model.

In  the two-day workshop, you will discover everything about the essentials of  alignment. Thanks to a blended format of teaching, group discussions and assignments,  attendees will get a better insight into the crucial enablers for integrated  Business/IT planning.  Throughout the sessions, delegates get the opportunity  to share their personal experiences and questions while learning from their  peers.

Jeroen Derynck is a seasoned program      manager with a proven track record in business/IT and IT transformation  projects. He holds a degree in Interpretation and an additional master in  communications and media. As an Enterprise 2.0 strategist he has guided  companies to thrive in the "networked society". Jeroen consults,  writes and lectures about the information workplace, web/enterprise 2.0 and IT-enabled innovation with a specific focus on the relationships between IT,      strategy, communications and Human Resources. When implementing programs, he  centres on implementing communication tools that enhance information exchange and stimulate creative interactions between business and IT in a climate of   empowerment and community building. He was co-author of the book "Business/IT fusion: beyond Alignment..."