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Insider claims Moneypenny will be Nokia 630/635 and Spinel will be Asha 230

News   •   Dec 21, 2013 00:04 GMT

A mobile phone insider is claiming that the Moneypenny will be the Nokia 630/635 and the Spinel will be the Nokia Asha 230.

That mobile insider is none other than Twitter account @evleaks.

Speaking about the Moneypenny, it tweeted, “Nokia Moneypenny = Lumia 630/635 (depending on configuration).”

Speaking about the Spinel, it tweeted, “Nokia Spinel = Asha 230.”

PhoneArena notes, “We don’t know exactly what will be different between the 630 and 635 variants, but the model numbers are hinting at mid to low-end features.

“It's possible that these new Lumia models are successors to the Lumia 620 and Lumia 625. However, since they're tied to just one codename, we're thinking that - maybe - the 635 is simply a dual SIM version of the 630, and both will represent upgrades to the Lumia 625 (which is newer than the 620).”

It adds, “Another unannounced Nokia device mentioned by @evleaks is the Asha 230 (codenamed Spinel). We don’t have any details on this at the moment. But we can tell you that Nokia’s latest Asha handsets from the 2xx series came with full QWERTY keyboards - so here’s a possible feature of the new 230.”

Sadly, @evleaks did not mention when to expect these devices. We’re hoping to get to see them at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which kicks off on the 24th of February. Keep it here for more updates.