Instagram Rivalling Photo Filtering From RIM

News   •   Jul 29, 2012 13:00 BST

After the shock purchase of Instagram, the photo filtering app, by Facebook recently for $1 billion Research in Motion (RIM) the makers of the BlackBerry is looking at creating a similar app to compete. It’s a surprise because BlackBerry phones aren’t well-known for their photographic abilities, not because they cameras aren’t up to scratch because they are, but due to the teeny, weeny screens that barely reach 2”.

However, BlackBerry 10 operating system will receive the new app that will help BB users change up the way they can see their photos with special filters, frames, enhancements and transformations. RIM and BlackBerry are so far behind Apple and Samsung that something has had to give, and they do say that imitation is the best form of flattery. As Instagram is so well-used on other platforms and features on most Facebook image updates, RIM are sure that its photo enhancer filter app will be a great hit with all of the BlackBerry users.

As BlackBerry hasn’t really been well-known for its photographic nature or editing, it seems a unique move for RIM to go down this route. Although, could that mean that we could see an iPhone-esque BlackBerry in the future to step away from the awful-looking QWERTY keypads – no matter how useful and intuitive they are! This would be a great step in the market as the brand name and faithful followers are there too. A camera, social networking and funkier looking smartphone could just be what RIM needs to claw back lost revenues and profits from failing sales figures. A more fun and exciting type of phone, or at least this photo editing app, will help the reputation from a practical or corporate type of phone maker to a social one that is with the times rather than stuck in the late 90s.

It begs the question of why now? Indeed, the tablet/pebble like smartphones have been on the market for at least 6 years whereas BlackBerry stuck to its guns with the QWERTY keypad and hasn’t ventured into doing anything different. Just a brand-squeezing exercise? Possibly. But, if it works then BlackBerry could well see the sales figures grow as there are still many people that don’t like the Galaxy handsets from Samsung nor are Apple iPhone followers.

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