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Intriguing New iPhone 6 Concept Design Uses Coloured Aluminium

News   •   Jul 11, 2013 08:26 BST

As we edge closer to 2014 it is no surprise that we are seeing an increasing number of iPhone 6 concept designs starting to emerge on line in the absence of concrete details about the device from the manufacturers.  These concepts give as an idea what the new handset may look like when it is eventually released and a new concept released this week really does stand out from the crowd.

New iPhone 6 concepts design are becoming a fairly regular occurrence with new images emerging on a daily basis but sometimes one of these designs really grabs your attention.  This is the case with a new concept posted on a dedicated website named which shows an eye catching design. The model is said to be constructed from coloured Aluminium and images show the model in an attractive baby blue finish and a striking, vibrant red colour.  The design of the model takes on a more angular appearance than previous iPhone models that have hit the shelves and also seems to offer a slimmer, flatter overall design.  The designer of this concept has also commented that thanks to the use of Aluminium the device would be the lightest iPhone model to be released.

This latest iPhone 6 concept design to emerge is not all about the design and the website give some details about the software and specification of the model.  The handset is seen to be running on iOS7 but with a new user interface which includes some change.  Among these are new circular numeric dialling keys and a task bar which has been implemented on the calling display.  An interesting aspect is also how the background on the interface matches the coloured aluminium used on the body.  Other aspects of this new design which seem to stand out are the 4.5 inch edge to edge screen which is featured and the inclusion of a micro USB port on the base of the phone.  Visit our website for the latest iPhone 6 offers

Despite concept iPhone 6 designs such as this not being official information in any way they still give us an insight into what the new model may offer when Apple launch it in a few months time.