Introducing: 4G with no Extra Cost

News   •   Feb 14, 2013 07:00 GMT

For people who would want to experience the advantages of using 4G services, this is a good news because Three UK has announced that they will be soon launching 4G Services. It will be available later this year, 2013 at no extra cost to the consumers.

Three UK, a network that commits itself to serving their customers and is also committed to give its clients the most convenient and latest technology that will be useful to everyone will be launching 4G.  They have worked in strengthening their existing DC-HSDPA network with the introduction of 4G network. It will possess a speed of 1800mhz when it makes its launch later this year. Customers who want a fast mobile browsing will love this change because it comes with no cost to them. 4G (LTE) will be user friendly and can be found in some mobile phone brands that are already in the market. Customers will welcome the 4G service especially when they already purchased a 4G enabled phone. This service will be added to Three UK’s  ultrafast network. Three UK is positive in thinking that by the launch of this new technology, everyone in the country will be using 4G technology.

What’s good about this new 4G LTE is that Three UK’s customers will get this service as a standard feature on their phones. This will guarantee a large increase in the network’s customers.  Three UK’s clients who want to avail of the 4G not need change their plans and contract to use this new technology. All they need is to use a handset which supports the 4G technology. Three UK’s step of introducing 4G LTE will make them a direct competitor of EE which holds most of the UK’s subscribers.

What’s nice about using 4G is that it will improve download process five times faster than 3G. Using 4G will enable customers to use YouTube and download big sized applications, do updates quickly. Some of the devices capable of using  Three UKs 4G network are the Apple iPhone5, iPad mini, Nokia Lumia and the Sony Xperia Z. With 4G, customers will now have the privilege of surfing and downloading in no time at all.

With this development, except Three UK to rule in terms of mobile technology specially now that they include  4G as part of their customers plan with no additional charge. Customers will be able to see for themselves the convenience this new technology brings. Find out more about SIM free deals and which mobile phone contract comparison you should go for at Mobile Phone Checker.