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Introducing This Modern Life

News   •   Jul 24, 2017 11:01 BST

Welcome to This Modern Life! The brain child of owners Suzanne and Danny, the company was born in November 2011. Originally ‘The Modern Baby’, the venture started after Suzanne and Danny struggled to find what they were looking for to decorate their first son’s bedroom. To avoid other people having the same problem, they created an online store stocking a combination of modern, retro and vintage inspired products for nurseries, kid’s rooms and the home in general.

Since then, Suzanne and Danny’s family has grown to five and the business has grown alongside them. Originally operating from their own living room, they relocated to a local barn in 2013 and then again to larger premises with office space in early 2015. They now juggle the busy lives of a six, five and two-year-old with the exciting demands of an ever-expanding business!

To give a brief insight into life at This Modern Life, we thought we’d include a few of our favourite facts and figures. (Don’t worry, we promise they’re not boring!)

  • TML’s first ever sale was some animal wall hooks (you wouldn’t believe how many animals you can get in hook form!)
  • The first brand to be stocked at TML was Farg Form, and we’re pleased to say they’re still with us today.
  • The 100th brand to join us was A Little Lovely Company – we now stock over 80 of their products!
  • In our first year of business we sold 3854 items, with the most popular item being the Farg Form grey clouds range. (And as it turns out grey clouds never seem to go out of fashion!)
  • Our 100th customer was Laura from Bath.
  • Our 1000th customer was Erin from New York – go you!
  • We have now had over 35,000 customers from all over the world.
  • Our largest order ever was for £3700!
  • Whereas our smallest was a wallpaper sample at £1.25…and remains so to this day…
  • The most memorable order we’ve ever received was for a whopping 70 individual L.E.D. lights – a lovely lady planned to give these to well-wishers after her baby’s arrival.
  • The most exciting place we have shipped to is Mauritius (we all still regret that this didn’t require a courier from TML).
  • Our best-selling item since the business began is the handwriting D.I.Y. banner.
  • Since 2011, our team grew to 3 in 2014, 4 in 2015 and tripled to 12 in 2017!
  • 10 members of the team work part time. We are incredibly proud of our flexible working ethos and strongly promote work that works.

This Modern Life on social media…

  • We have over 9,000 lovely followers on Facebook @TheModernBaby
  • Over 78,000 people follow our feed on Instagram @thismodernlife
  • 4141 (and counting!) people follow our Pinterest account @This Modern Life_