iOS BBC Radio App Problems

News   •   Oct 14, 2012 07:00 BST

Since iOS6 was launched just before the iPhone 5 came out, we’ve seen a whole load of comments on the web about the BBC radio app. It’s designed to let people listen to their favourite radio stations on the move using their WiFi or 3G connection. Thanks to the rapid tuner dial on the iOS6 system you can quickly switch between Radio Five Live to Radio 1 or to Radio 2 if you love to play along to Pop Master with Ken Bruce. Although, answering questions out loud while you’re on the Tube can be a little embarrassing.

Whether you’ve got your iPod, iPad or iPhone your iOS device will be able to scan between all the BBC stations in a second to give you full user control. The app also lets you use your favourite station as an alarm clock or watch podcasts and listen to music sessions that are on through the day, usually Radio One’s Maida Vale and the Live Lounge. You can stream radio programmes using Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay devices too.

However, you can’t rewind and people think that it should be a standalone app rather than an app for iOS. You can download segments of the radio either, which would be handy when you’ve arrived at work and want to carry on listening to the set after you finish work. Some people have noticed a few problems, but when the Carphone Warehouse deals get snapped up later in the year for Orange and T Mobile’s 4G rollout, this could all be a thing of the past. The 4G network will be available from around January and it could see an end to the problems some people face. And that’s the main problem really, not everyone has these problems but the ones that do seem to shout the loudest.

When it comes to selecting a device that is good enough to listen to radio stations on the move, you need a strong battery, a great signal – O2 listen up! – and the ability to run the apps on your phone without it locking so you need plenty of RAM. While you can get the BBC Radio app for a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2, you might be in the Apple camp so your options are fairly limited.

Choose an iPhone 5 or if you feel that the price hike is too much then there are hundreds of iPhone 4S deals and iPhone 4 deals on right now that you can snap up a great bargain. Just think that you’re going to be owning a phone that does a great deal what the new 5 can do but without the premium. The iPhone 4s and the 4 are fantastic phones in their own right and it’s no wonder people are still buying them. They might not be future proof but for the next 12-18 months they are more than capable of running all the apps and features that you need from a phone. So, check out the iPhone 4S deals at Mobile Phone Checker.