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iOS7 New Features Will All Be Be Supported On The iPhone 5

News   •   Jun 17, 2013 11:28 BST

The WWDC event is one of the main highlights in Apple's calendar and is where the company showcases any up and coming software that will be featured on their devices. This year event has just taken place and as expected the new iOS7 platform was the highlight. There are many iPhone devices that will have access to this new software, however new speculation suggests that only the iPhone 5 will have all of the features that it has to offer.

One of the main highlights of this years WWDC event was the new iOS7 package. This is the very latest version of the Apple operating system and it comes with a completely new design as well as a host of new features, but unfortunately not all iPhone user will have access to all that the package has to offer. It seems that only users of the iPhone 5 will benefit from the complete range of new features and functionality that the new iOS7 software boasts. Tech internet site TechCrunch were the first to reveal this new in which they stated that that the iPhone 5 along with the latest iPod Touch models will be the only existing handsets who will reap the full benefits of iOS7. Airdrop is one of the main new features on the platform which will mean that users can share file content with other users. Joining the two previously mentioned devices are the latest iPad and the iPad Mini which will also be able to use all that this facility offers.

Playing a big part in Apple's latest software is a new and improved panoramic camera mode, however it seems that the complete range of iPads and also the iPhone 4 will not be able to use this functionality. The iPhone 4S as well as these models will also not have access to the new instant camera filters that are incorporated in the new OS and there are some models which will not have access to the new software at all. Users of the iPhone 3GS will have to continue to use iOS6 which is understandable due to the age of the model. All models will be able to enjoy the updates which have been made to the popular Siri function as well as the new iRadio music streaming facility which has been introduced with the intention of rivalling other such software including Spotify.  Visit our website for the best prices

The new iOS7 operating system brings with is a host of major changes, however these can not be enjoyed by everybody. Devices that are older than the iPhone 5 will have limited access and some models will not be able to benefit from this update at all.