iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

News   •   Oct 26, 2012 13:00 BST

 Weirdly, smartphones are getting bigger at around 5” now and tablets have become smaller, at around 6”. We still see them as two separate devices but they are almost moulding into one size and specification now. The two that are on everyone’s lips at the moment are the iPad Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The new iPad Mini has been met with aplomb but with the iPad 4 coming out soon and the iPad 3 only been out for a few months, there are some Apple fans that feel that they are being taken for a ride.

However, a smaller iPad has been made to take on the Samsung giant smartphones or tiny tablets. We call them phablets, as they are definitely a mash-up of the two devices. The iPad is a tablet, that’s for sure, but it does have the option of FaceTime which is a very smartphone type of app. The Note 2, however, is a cross-over of the two devices as it’s a larger Galaxy S3 or a small Tab. The 5.5” screen is enormous on the Note 2 and it makes the whoel device a little easier to use than a smartphone. Yes, it’s tricky to hold in your hand for long period of time but there are a myriad of covers and you could just place it on your lap or a table.

The Super AMOLED HD screen is the very best that Samsung has created and it works with ICS or Jelly Bean perfectly. Everything is smooth as silk, from navigation to running multiple apps at any one time. If you’re a heavy user then the quad-core processor and 2GB RAM is difficult to make it run out of steam. The 1.6GHz processor is lightning fast that even some laptops aren’t that well-specced! Storage is 16GB, 32GB or 64GB with the choice of another 64GB using a microSD card so if you love to watch movies then this is the perfect amount of space, even before you use an online storage facility such as DropBox.

The mini iPad, however, is 7.9” in size and has a 163ppi and 1024 x 768 screen resolution. There is the dual core A5 processor and it comes with 16-64GB of space but no expansion is available. The 5MP camer and HD FaceTime camera are perfect for chatting to friends over WiFi. The iPad Mini will be much better at playing games on thanks to the larger screen but the quality stands with the Galaxy Note 2. There superior graphics and data that the Samsung can handle far outweigh the larger screen of the Apple and that’s the reason why so many Notes are being sold.

Of course, if you love Apples then you will want the iPad Mini but for everyone else, the Galaxy Note 2 can be a great smartphone too. You can find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Mobile Phone Checker where you can compare mobile phone contract deals.