iPad Mini Set to Beat Off Kindle Fire

News   •   Oct 09, 2012 13:00 BST

With Amazon taking huge sales volumes with the Kindle Fire and other Kindle devices, Apple wants to snatch part of the market back with the impending launch of the mini iPad. The new iOS tablet will be set to sell around 10 million units, something that the iPhone 5 did in just a few days, but with less sales from the tablet market the iPad makers look to push the Galaxy Note and the Nexus 7 out of the way, despite the premium paid for the Apple devices.

There were rumours, even from us, that the mini iPad would be launched at the same time as the iPhone 5 but that hasn’t happened. Maybe Apple realised that the common folk wouldn’t be able to afford a £600 phone and a possible £3-400 on a tablet. Maybe Apple will leave it until Christmas or even January, but the fact is it’s definitely coming. The mini iPad will be able to take on the likes of the Note and the Nexus 7, both of which are more tablet than smartphone but still share similar technologies and features.

There is more competition in the smaller tablet market especially against Amazon, which has dominated the e-reader market for the past few years with the regular Kindle. The chances of the mini iPad being able to push the Kindle aside remains to be seen, however, with the new iOS operating system and the stunning A6 processor as well as Retina Display there are a few things that the Apple firm cannot be beaten on. Whether people want to use Apple devices after having a cheaper Kindle or Nexus 7 depends on their budget.

There are rumours that there are a few shortages in the Foxconn manufacturing plant for the mini iPad which has pushed the date back for the release. With Apple dominating the market alongside the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the smartphone industry, the smaller tablet market is there for the pickings. Apple has apparently put an order of 10 million units down at the Foxconn plant for the mini iPad which shows their intent to smash into the market. The normal-sized iPad always does well so it’s fair to say that a smaller, lighter and more portable one will be even more spectacular, although the iPhone 5 is more powerful and better than the 4S so is there even a market for a mini iPad?

Well, Apple seems to think so therefore it’s obvious that people will buy it. Apple hasn’t had a flop device unlike Google has in previous years, so it’s going to be an interesting market to watch. Here at Mobile Phone Checker, however, we compare the deals on smartphones across the country to help people get the best prices. If you’re lucky some retailers have free gifts available that come complete with your smartphone so if it’s iPhone 5 deals you’re looking for then head on over and see if you can get a funky new gift as well.