iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Compatible 500px Photography App Released

News   •   Dec 18, 2012 07:00 GMT

Photography lovers, enthusiasts, professional photographers and iPad and Smartphone Fans alike, smile more!  The popular 500px app photo application, usually designed only for the iPad, has gone universal! This is because the photography application is now compatible for both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices and is now available on Apple's iTunes store.

The reason for the compatibility of the app with the mobile services is due to its latest optimization to the 500px version 2.0. Today, Apple fans can now enjoy 500px app for iPhone 5 and iPad iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

The 500px app which appeals to the growing number of smart phone users as well as professional photographers and photography enthusiasts is a photo sharing platform. It includes different features that are very advantageous for photographers especially in presenting photos as well as viewing different images made by professionals with the same passion.

Among the features are community-selected galleries with editor’s pick which is popularly called the Flow Features. With this feature, the smart phone user can scroll in community galleries and add their favorite photos to their list for future viewing. They can also upload their photos in the community-selected galleries while fellow members can view and comment on their uploaded images. Once a comment or an activity is made about the user’s uploaded image, they will receive instant notifications.

The Flow feature also serves as a social media platform where users can check their fellow member’s activities while viewing and commenting on their photo.

One thing really great thing about having a 500px app on the smartphone is that it is especially handy for users due to its portability in terms of size and weight. Users can simply slip their smartphone inside their pocket and use it instantly when needed.

The Flow Features are also available on the iPad devices. iPad users using the 500px photography app on the iOS 6 can download and purchase high resolution digital photos at the 500px Market. With this feature, users can present high resolution digital photos on a larger screen platform for better presentation of portfolios using the iPad.

 Apart from enabling users to show HD images and purchase them at the 500px market, the app’s version 2.0 for the iPad is fully improved with a new look and feel. Its new app design is more sophisticated to match the sophisticated iPad user.

Another equally appealing feature to all Apple users as a whole is the Avatar upload feature available in both iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The Avatar feature allows users to customize their appearance directly from the smartphone or iPad device.  Users can change their profiles anywhere using only their smartphone or iPad which is again another advantage and extremely efficient in terms of portability.

Indeed, the 500px photography app provides a new experience for both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. This new addition to the growing app fad will surely make customers happy, more loyal and go crazy for more Apple services.

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