iPhone 5 Battery Life: The Big Test

News   •   Oct 01, 2012 13:00 BST

Smartphones need to last a long time. They have a myriad of functions and technology that saps battery life, so it’s our aim to find out whether the stunning new iPhone 5 is actually any good and meets Apple’s expected battery-life span. With Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, apps galore as well as DAB radios smartphones need to be able to handle anything and everything you ask of your new phone. With the year-long build up to the iPhone 5 we’ve found a thorough test on the iPhone 5 and its battery life.

Apple states that the new, slimmer battery on the iPhone 5 will last for around 8 hours of telephone calls, 40 hours of audio usage, 225 hours on stand-by, 8 hours on LTE or 3G, 10 hours of video usage and 10 hours of WiFi. However, those figures are ‘up to’ so if you mix and match those types of usage then the battery life will obviously be diminished. That said, with a raft of experiments you can see that the iPhone 5 battery isn’t that bad, especially when you consider manufacturers state the ‘best case’ for the battery life.

After a test on the web, we saw that the Pandora app was playing web radio constantly, Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile broadband was being used, as well as the auto-lock for the screen was turned off so the screen was always on. The results were that after 7 hours and 44 minutes the web radio eventually consumed the battery life; 85% of the battery was left after 24 hours of stand-by; and all figures tended to be better than any equivalent Android phone.

In another test, from Tweeting to looking up directions to reading the Internet and checking emails, the iPhone 5 lasted all day and only dropping to 32% of battery life left. After another three hours it eventually dipped below the 10% mark. This shows that even when normal or extreme use you might only need to charge your iPhone 5 through the night after a long, hard day of abusing it.

Only when the iPhone 5 was thoroughly bombarded with tasks would the battery life be diminished so much that the testers said a charger would be best carried around with you. The test included, however, tethering sessions with a laptop via LTE, three hours of being online and five hours of aeroplane mode which made the battery life drop by half. This isn’t horrendous news as it matches that of similar Android phones but if you’re a heavy user then you should look at having the battery charger to hand for extra boosts throughout the day. The test was extreme, though.

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