iPhone 5 Camera Problems Attributed to the Casing

News   •   Oct 08, 2012 10:00 BST

The stunning iPhone 5 has been bought by millions of people in the first few weeks of being on sale, but there are problems arising with the camera. Although it has 8MP, Retina Display screen and can perform 1080p HD videos, the camera issues are being blamed on the metal casing, says Apple. The pre-ordered iPhone 5s seem to be the ones that are affected with camera issues.

The main problem is the camera lens is easily scratched, often straight from being taken out of its box. This has caused light leakage and fingers have been pointed at Foxconn, the manufacturers, rather than Apple but Apple has been taking the flak from the public. Remember when the Foxconn workers went on strike? That’s being blamed for the lack of quality control as the standards were raised just before the strike. Surely Foxconn, which makes many different types of smartphones, shouldn’t be so flippant with its workers and keep them happy.

There are also problems with the lens having purple flair when taking pictures in bright sunshine. However, some experts on the Internet have suggested that the camera phone is simply being held wrongly. The purple haze, however, is still a problem for some people no matter how the phone is being held, but this again is related to the scratching of the lens or damage of the lens and will cause images to have purple hazes across the screen. This does happen with other cameras in bright sunshine but we didn’t expect it from Apple’s new iPhone 5.

It’s particularly worrying as the Sapphire Crystal lens is meant to be virtually unscratchable. The coating on the lens however is said to be easily damaged so it’s not the crystal itself it’s simply the coating on the lens of the iPhone 5. This again points fingers at the construction and the Chinese factories. The only remedy is to shield the lens slightly from the sun when taking pictures; which isn’t ideal when you’re on holiday and want to fill up your 64GB iPhone 5 with videos and images! There have been people blaming the Chinese manufacturers and many believe that Apple will change to a different source for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. This would mean that the costs would rise but if it’s in favour of a more reliable and higher quality phone then Apple iPhone lovers would rejoice.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone 5 is a strong contender and the marketing campaigns in the last year have caused so many sales. People understand that companies will have niggles and setbacks but when the Apple costs so much more than other smartphones there is a bad taste left in people’s mouths that have already bought one.

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