iPhone 5 Deals Cause Price Drops Around the UK

News   •   Sep 23, 2012 07:00 BST

The amount of iPhone 5 deals that have been announced in the UK this week have been incredible. Since the launch date on Friday, where millions of people camped out and paid a premium for the pleasure of nigh-on freezing temperatures, the clever shopper simply logged onto compare the iPhone 5 deals online. The shocking truth that those that bought an iPhone from the Apple Stores around the UK have been paying 20-30% more for their contract and the handset are astonishing, and just show that those swanky shops need to pay their bills. However, for the smart shopper buying from an online store with less overheads than Apple shops equals a hefty discount.

As the Mobile Phone Checker engine brings real time data from the top retailers in the country, the best iPhone 5 deals are found in an instant. Normally, searching through the thousands of mobile phone contract websites would take you hours and you’d normally settle for any old contract, but as far as comparison sites go the Mobile Phone Checker has it licked.

Those that have been looking for a new cheap mobile phone contract and one that includes the stunningly slim iPhone 5 will be shocked to hear that discounts and offers up to 20-30% can be achieved and that includes the handset being given for free. Of course, tying yourself into a contract can be worrying but as Apple only really brings a new handset out once every 12-18 months and offers the recycling program you can be assured that your decision will be fairly future-proof for the length of the contract; unlike those that opt for the ever-changing Samsung line-up or the flimsy HTC offerings.

The 16GB iPhone 5 is one of the most popular choices, although there are 32GB iPhone 5 and 64GB iPhone 5 variants. This does cost an extra £109 for the handset upfront or an additional £7 per month on a contract. The total cost is around £33 per month for the 16GB plus £79 upfront for a two year contract, but we’re sure that with a quick check on the Mobile Phone Checker site you can slice those numbers down to something that suits you. Of course, and as usual, retailers will offer free laptops, HD TVs, gaming consoles and money-off vouchers for choosing them to buy through. You can see what package and special offers you can get on the Mobile Phone Checker site.

Expect to pay around the mid-£30 mark for a decent contract with a great amount of free minutes, texts and data. Remember that you will be buying into the stunning new iPhone 5 and that you’re going to be the envy of your friends. The iOS6 operating system is far better than Android’s Jelly Bean, and it comes complete with a slimmer, new design that is light-years ahead of anything else that’s out there.

So, for all of the latest and greatest iPhone 5 deals check out the prices from the top UK retailers and networks today.