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iPhone 5 Instagram Update Impresses With New Video Functionality

News   •   Jul 08, 2013 06:35 BST

Social networking applications are among the most popular kind available for handset such as the iPhone 5S.  One of the newer services that is proving a big success is Instagram, a unique way of sharing photo content with the community. A recent update for this application enables users to upload video clips for the first time an judging by figures just released the update has proven to be a massive success.  

Instagram is a great way to connect with friends using phot content and the service currently attracts a phenomenal number of users across the globe.  Not only is the service great for sharing content but thanks to the extensive range of filter available interesting effects can also be added to images.  Instagram is owned by Facebook and the company have revealed some remarkable figures regarding uploads following the new update being released.   In the first 24 hours an amazing 5 million clips were uploaded to the service.  These clips are restricted to up to 15 seconds in length and at peak times after the update video was being uploaded at a rate of 40 hours per minute.   Visit our site for more news on this story

The update from Instagram seems to have been released in response to the popular Vine application which is owned by Facebook's number one rivals Twitter.  Vine had proved to be a big success since it release and focuses only on video content whereas Instagram formerly dealt with only photographs.  Seeing the success of Vine encouraged Instagram to add video clips to its service and it is thought that the 130 million registered users of the app should ensure that in the long run the Instagram video uploading functionality will prove more successful than Vine's.  Some users of the service feel that the addition of video content has ruined the Instagram experience slightly with sometimes noisy clips that take a short while before they load and playback.  Check the new update out for yourselves on both iOS for devices such as the iPhone 5 and on Android as well.  Click here for big savings on the freshest iPhone5 Apple offers

The new Instagram update allows user to share their videos with the world and although there is some criticism of the effect that this functionality has had on the service it still looks destined to be a huge success.