iPhone 5 Trumps Samsung Galaxy S3

News   •   Oct 12, 2012 13:00 BST

Make no mistake, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the leader of the pack for four months but now it’s Apple’s turn. The iPhone 5 deals that have been branded around have been causing low stocks in the UK as of late, but that should increase in the next few weeks. We’ve already seen just how far Samsung can stretch its brand with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now the Galaxy S3 Mini, but the SG3 still remains as one of the best phones we’ve ever seen.

The iPhone 5 may have its millions of followers but you cannot discount the Samsung Galaxy SIII for bringing in more than 5 million sales every month since its launch. OK, the iPhone 5 has performed well in its first few weeks but even still people are still logging onto comparison smartphone sites and selecting red, grey, black or white Galaxy S3 phones instead. Web traffic to the Mobile Phone Checker is level pegging between the two smartphones and it really depends on whether you’re in the Android camp or you’re an iOS lover.

For the latter you can bask in the super-upgraded iOS6 and the utilising it you can enjoy the new A6 chip with more RAM, space and an even better screen than the iPhone 4S. The larger screen on the iPhone 5 is tremendous. It might dip further into your pocket but it’s more than worth it when you realise the benefits. You can see more of the webpage you’re on, scroll less, find apps and programs faster and aren’t as restricted as you once were with a 4S.

However, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has always had a large screen. It’s still bigger than the iPhone 5 and it looks a little more modern as it has rounded edges. Some people have found the iPhone difficult to hold compared to the SG3 as the sharper edges aren’t as ergonomic. With an even bigger community and more apps available on Google Play for an Android phone you’ll love the Galaxy SIII.

Here at Mobile Phone Checker, we arrange a great number of retailers and networks to compare against each other for mobile phone contract comparisons. You’ll soon see that the Galaxy S3 deals that are available make it much more affordable than you might have thought. While the iPhone 5 deals aren’t as spectacular they are very good despite it just being released and in the shops.

We’ve seen many phones come through our website over the years, with the iPhone 3GS to the 4S and now the 5 or the Xperia Ray, Lumia 920 or even the HTC One X. There are so many to choose from but if you’re looking for the very best, the one that is up there as being so dominant then the Samsung Galaxy SIII is the one for you. Even if your contract isn’t up already you can still plan ahead and grab a great discount from the myriad of Samsung Galaxy SIII deals that are available.