iPhone 5C Leaked Images

News   •   Aug 31, 2013 09:07 BST

A lot of iPhone 5C images are surfacing these days. We have seen a lot of these images. We were convinced that these leaked images are fake but it seems to be that these images are the real thing. Image below shows a picture of numerous iPhones. These iPhones are said to be cheaper. You might think that these iPhones are rip-offs but it could also not be fake at all.  

Report from Engadget says that these iPhones 5Cs can actually be real iPhones that are in the process of quality control. This image might actually be a picture taken of real iPhones being checked before they are placed in their respective boxes. It seems to be that the number of news and images of yet to be released Apple devices are adding up. It is a bit strange to see these leaks before any authentic news come out or before the devices are released.

We cannot help but doubt these leakages. The leaks about Apple devices might be true but if this is the case, it only means that the security of Apple is compromised.

It could also be just a marketing strategy. We all know that the competition of smartphones is getting stiffer and stiffer. It can be just a part of their plan to release and post leak images and make people wonder if someone else is behind this.  

As you may remember, Tim Cook said that Apple is leaning towards more transparency. We are not sure if this is their way of showing transparency or if these pictures are entirely hoax.

Come to think of it, if the images and news about iPhone 5C are true, this only means that iPhones have lots of new range of colours. Its aggressive pricing also shows more audacity. But if we analyze it, Apple has already acquired the image of audacity, whether or not these leakages are true.