iPhone 5C Preferred By Women Than Men

News   •   Dec 23, 2013 07:00 GMT

The Apple iPhone 5S and the more affordable iPhone 5C have discovered many customers, but overall it's been obvious the 5S may be the more common of both. The advanced iPhone 5S comes with an aluminum develop rather than the plastic of the iPhone 5C, but a brand new survey suggests the iPhone 5C is preferred more by women than by men.

Data collected from Facebook’s advertisement system was used to evaluate revenue of those iPhones in the united kingdom and USA and is found in the maps below. The statement by Benedict Evans suggests that, once we already knew the 5S is just a better owner compared to iPhone 5C, and actually revenue of the 5S are discussed fairly equally between women and men.

It became apparent early following the release of those devices the 5S was in stronger need compared to iPhone 5C. Nevertheless, even though latter has offered less-well it doesn’t suggest it hasn’t discovered charm amongst customers, especially females it appears.

Fascinating stuff then, and we’d prefer to hear that which you consider this? Why do you consider girls can easily see the appeal of the iPhone 5C significantly more than males, despite the fact that the 5S continues to be preferred by men.

What can't be identified out of this record is whether women are merely considering more almost than men and therefore there’s a larger choice for the iPhone 5C than with men. Instead, it may be that the lighter shades of the iPhone 5C are identified more desirable by females or that specifications aren't so important, though we claim the latter is just a controversial point!

However, when taking a look at the iPhone 5C this is more common among women than men, particularly in america where there's a substantial amount more women than men who purchase this phone. The record also revealed that women are far more prone to purchase an iPhone of either kind than males, especially in america.