iPhone 5S continues to release date build up

News   •   Jun 13, 2013 07:00 BST

When Tim Cook was interviewed, he revealed some puzzling foresight into Apple’s future; since then, there are a number of iPhone 5S videos and pictures that were posted in the internet. This time, the latest collection of iPhone 5S concepts will be featured and this will certainly give you an interesting picture and design. These designs are creating excitement to a lot of iPhone lovers as they anticipate the release date of this smartphone in three months time.

There are videos circulating around the web that lets you imagine what iPhone 5S will look like based on the latest specification’s rumours. These videos focuses on the features based on the expectations of soon to be users with improved specs like a slimmer Bezel, a 4.8 inch display and an eye catching colours that users will definitely love. Another video that can be seen on the web features iPhone 5S as having a fingerprint scanner with a fashionable stylish curved display. This feature is the result of the latest reports circulating around. The fingerprint scanner is said to replace the home button. It shows that a newer technology will be introduced at the iPhone 5S launch. This concept lacks the attractiveness that can be seen in the first video posted on the net but this video includes a drawing of the concept and then followed by some pictures. A screen shot can also be seen in the two videos so that soon to be users can take a look at the video and comment what they can say about this.

If you are an iPhone fanatic, will you be glad to know that Apple will come out with iPhone’s design like in the two videos? What can you say about the concept design? Will it be eye catching for everyone? Will you buy it? Check out the iPhone 5S deals once it's released or snap up a clearance iPhone 5 while retailers try and shift the previous handsets to make way for the new one.