iPhone 5S could feature Galaxy S4’s LTE A tech

News   •   Jul 09, 2013 13:10 BST

iPhone 5S will be launched between September and October. Many smartphone users are excitedly waiting and wanting to find out more about iPhone 5S features. As the launching month nears, several rumours are circulating in anticipation of the release. If rumours are correct, Apple iPhone 5S could feature the Galaxy S4 LTE A technology.  

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a huge success for Apple’s rival and just recently, Samsung added another one of a kind alternative, the Galaxy S4 LTE A. This will be launched in South Korea and will soon be introduced to other regions of the world. The LTE A is a deviation from the standard LTE and will provide higher data speed, boasting of a faster upload and download speed. Though the LTE networks are not yet that famous, its addition of the Qualcoom Snapdragon 800 processor makes it a notable smartphone.

Plenty of speculations and rumours have circulated concerning the iPhone 5S and there is no mention of the possibility of an LTE advanced iPhone but an unconfirmed report from an executive from one of the telecommunications company in Korea revealed that a new LTE A phone can be expected within the next months. He also stated that there are ways being made to Apple that will add LTE A technology to its iPhone 5S. It is very obvious that there are bigger plans for LTE A because there is a demand for this connectivity on devices in Korea. Apple is said to be evaluating the LTE A technology and is aiming that they can extend it to other country like China. This is a rational move as there are no reasons why Apple cannot use the LTE A technology.

Many Apple users are waiting for them to introduce something exciting and useful rather than introduce a new iPhone. LTE A inclusion seems to be a popular move but there some people who have doubts about the time frame LTE A will take before it comes to the US and other regions according to them, it could probably take some years. Others have concern about how the battery life will be affected if they use the LTE A technology.

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