iPhone 5S Local Voice Dictation

News   •   Jul 15, 2013 07:00 BST

The long rumored Apple’s latest iPhone version is now expected to be released not later than September this year. Surely many Apple lovers are already getting excited about this new iPhone upgraded version called iPhone 5S. It has been the buzz of town since it was first detected in the developer logs few months ago. And now, as the day of launch is getting nearer, speculations on the iPhone 5S feature is getting stronger as well.

One thing for sure, the Apple will be releasing a newly upgraded device running in iOS 7. Thus people are expecting that the soon-to-be released iPhone 5S is marked by feature that will highly distinguish it from its predecessor iPhone 5 rather than just the additional “S” on the device name making all the difference between the two iPhone handsets.

With all the news coming about the iPhone 5S, it seems like the Apple is really determine to bring something new for the iPhone fans. The iPhone 5S with its iOS 7 system is said to be characterized by its exclusive local voice dictation feature. If you’re an iPhone user, you are quite aware that unless you are connected to the internet, you will not be able to talk to your iPhone device and key-in texts via speaking your voice aloud. However, with iOS 7 on the iPhone 5S, things will go the other way around.

The new talk in town is that there has been code found on iOS 7 that said to be lacking on iOS 6. This is rumored to be something that relates with the local voice dictation. With the new mobile operating system iOS 7, the iPhone 5S will be able to process directly, allowing the conversion of speech to text without having the need to be hooked on the web. This exclusive local dictation process is quite different from the usual voice input method known to the iPhone 5S’ predecessors wherein the voice dictation is done through the cloud-based system. Voices key-in the texts via the cloud that can be prone to errors and slow loading process of the net.

Also, it has been said that both local dictation and cloud-based dictation will be available on the device for the users’ option. Voice dictation system will indeed make the process faster and simpler, having text messaging done via voice commands. It’s another relief for iPhone users to know that they can possibly perform now the voice dictation even when they are not connected in the internet. As for the internal structure of the device, it is said that the iPhone 5S has just been modified a bit but its over-all look is still in great resemblance with the iPhone 5.