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iPhone 5S Production Delayed So A New Larger Screen Can Be Fitted

News   •   Jul 21, 2013 13:19 BST

Apple traditionally launch their latest iPhone handset during the third quarter of the year and 2013 was set to be no exception with the iPhone 5S tipped to arrive in this period.  New reports have suggested however that the release of this model has been delayed due to the fact that Apple are set to change a key element of the new model.

New reports have suggested that American manufacturer Apple have halted the production of the new iPhone 5S so that a bigger screen can be fitted on the model.  As we are already well into the third quarter of the year this may seem a little hard to believe but Brightwire have reported that Apple are now set to incorporate a 4.3 inch display panel rather than the 4 inch screen which was originally destined for the device.  Brightwire have reported that this news has been brought to them by supply networks in Asia where the 5S is being produced.  News agency Bloomberg have also reported on this news and it has been suggested that the production process was halted as far back as May to let this change take place.

During the last month we have seen a number of images hit the web showing the new aluminium chassis of the iPhone 5S on the production line.  What we cannot tell from these snaps however is whether the shells pictured will accommodate the orginal 4 inch screen or the proposed new bigger display panel.  If this latest story does prove to be correct then a Q4 launch for this model will be much more realistic than Q3 as the change would mean that the model would need to be completely redesigned.  The one glimmer of hope for Apple consumers however is the fact that production was reported to be halted as far back as May.  This will have given the manufacturers plenty of time to redesign the handset and begin the production process again so a late Q3 launch is still a possibility.   Browse a selection of iPhone5S contracts here  

New reports suggesting that the iPhone 5S will arrive with a new 4.3 inch display will delight Apple fans who have been wanting a larger screened iPhone handset although this change will have had an impact on the release date for the new model.