iPhone 6’s Built in Wireless Charging vs. Accessories

News   •   Jun 08, 2013 07:00 BST

The next generation smart phones offer many modern features that will make it more user friendly. One of the innovative features is the built in wireless charging for both Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6. These talks were started by people who works from the inside although there are no confirmation yet about the wireless charging features, the release date for Samsung S5 and iPhone 6 would have to be announced.

The Galaxy S4 has been released recently; it is not possible that the Galaxy S5 will be launch until next year. Its specifications will still be rumours at this time. iPhone 6 will manufactured by June of this year and its released will be announced to the public around September. Although, there are rumours suggesting that iPhone’s name will be iPhone 5S; it will also feature biometric security and new colours. For the rumoured specifications, it is supposed to be equipped with built in wireless charging and this smartphone is expected to be launched next year. Charging will come easy if this report is true. The iPhone6 will have the ability to charge wirelessly even without a case.

The iPhone 6 wireless charging is an idea that can be seen in several videos in the internet. The wireless charging feature will be a lot different from the iPad 5; anticipate the iPad 5’s release in the last months of 2013.

There are sources that claim that there will be a wireless charging on the iPhone 5S before and it is very vivid that this feature is unlikely to be introduced by Apple this year; it is more likely that other brands will feature it like Samsung. Do not despair because wireless charging will arrive soon on iPhone 6 that looks favourable, the question is would iPhone lovers want this built in technology?  There are rumours that Apple patent will use magnetic wireless charging and this could mean iPhone 6 would not need contact for it to charge unlike the current Apple mouse. Try reading the details of this news in full in the internet.

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