iPhone 6C Will be Curved

News   •   Dec 17, 2013 07:00 GMT

Once the iPhone 5C was released to the general public many customers had their very own thought in what the ‘C’ stood for, some said it was for ‘Cheap’ and some said it was ‘Color’. What exactly concerning the iPhone 6C? 

It'll still have exactly the same plastic characteristics because the iPhone 5C but the next time having a curved screen, once the iPhone 6C is introduced the ‘C’ could mean ‘Curved’. 

The iPhone 6C produced by SET Solution could be seen entirely beauty by watching the video presented under, at the start of the video the slogan is “Life is a curve.” 

In ways it's adopting the LG G Flex curved display, several Android supporters will say when they did choose to to produce curved display iPhone Apple has lost its innovation. We believe Apple should stay away from the show, despite the fact that this is a idea, there's no requirement for it and it isn’t such as the LG G Flex does perfectly. 

The iPhone 6C might have all of the colors, the plastic housing and without doubt the iPhone 5S specs within. 

Not a really huge fan of curved shows, they seem ok on TV’s but nonetheless wouldn't buy one, why would you want to buy an iPhone having a display. 

Can you wish to own an iPhone 6C having a show?