iPhone observers debate over Apple’s quality

News   •   Jun 10, 2013 07:00 BST

For years now, Apple lovers continuously talk about the excellence that you can get from buying Apple products. These people are now anticipating for the expected major update with the iPhone 6 that will be happening next year. There is also a rumoured minor improvement with the iPhone 5S this year. It seems that some people think that today, Apple do not build quality product anymore.

One person who has all the iPhone’s model loves everything about his phone. But even he talks about some build issues with the latest iPhone though he continues to support Apple and thinks that iPhone 5 is a lot beautiful given its design. Admittedly, he thinks that Apple made a major mistake in the gadget because its black model easily scratches. This problem should be addressed in iPhone 5S and with the anticipation of iPhone 6 in 2014, it should be addressed in this model too. The question is this. Is Apple building products today that are of low build quality? Or is it that other smartphone companies that had improved its build quality when compared to Apple?

iPhone observers now go on debate over its quality but just the same, lots of Apple lovers still believe that this company still build products that are durable although one does not need to look farther to notice that there is a growing number of people that believe Apple and other smart phone companies are producing brands that are of the same quality.

One person has this thing to say on Apple’s build quality . He said that if people like quality, they should stay loyal to Apple. According to him, no matter how fast Android phone is, they will always be behind Apple in terms of quality.

While he seems to be confident about the company, other people are not. They continue to grow in number and they are feeling a little bit dissatisfied. A person stated that he is disappointed with the iPhone 5S. According to him, there are only minor revisions on the specifications. Screen is taller and a bit better camera; he also complained of the phone’s surface being easily scratched.

This business owner would not mind paying a high price for the iPhone but he feels it lacks in quality. According to him, he would be glad to pay for an expensive phone which is well made and well designed. Another iPhone user comments that there are lots of iPhones arriving with problems. This situation made him feel that Apple had lost its reputation of producing quality phones.

Apple should try its best to meet its consumer’s expectations otherwise, Apple lovers will easily switch to an Android device. Lots of Apple lovers still trust the brand and are definitely loyal to them but with several comments showing some users that they do not trust the brand anymore, will you still stick to Apple? If you are an Apple fanatic, are you leaving Apple if they fail to bring quality to iPhone 6? 

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