IRM UK Webinar: Business Analysis and Leadership with James Archer, Thurs 8 August 2013, 1pm-2pm BST

News   •   Aug 06, 2013 18:33 BST

Business analysis is the key to successful business change. Understanding the real
problem and working with organisations to create a range of options and then
turning the chosen option into real benefits is at the heart of business
analysis. To do this well requires leadership skills.

This webinar will use the example of the failed BBC digital Media Initiative
(cost £100m) to show:

• Why leadership skills are needed to address complex and ambiguous problems

• How assumptions and the existing mental models held within organisations can
have disastrous consequences if they are not challenged

James will describe a facilitative leadership approach to business analysis
which involves developing five leadership practices.

James Archer

James has just completed co-editing the forthcoming book Business Analysis and
Leadership which has contributions from thirty leading figures in business
analysis and business change. James Archer is co-editor of Business Analysis
and Leadership (Kogan Page - Sept 2013). He is a former Business Analyst of the
Year and has been an organiser of the annual European Business Analysis
Conference since it began. James uses his more than 20 years’ experience
helping people, teams, and organisations tackle difficult problems and
challenges by:

• Designing an individual approach to challenges drawing on creative problem
solving, business analysis, programme and project management skills, tools and

• Discovering the essence of the real business problem before leaping into
technical solutions;

• Using design thinking and ethnographical research to really understand the
customers perspective;

• Using a systemic approach that recognizes the biggest challenge in
implementing change is working with people.

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