Is PAYG Really Cheaper Than Contract Phones?

News   •   Aug 17, 2012 17:00 BST

With the advent of mobile phones technology, life has become about staying connected with people across the world. People are given the great opportunity to stay-in touch with their families and friends at any time and everywhere. So, mobile phone companies felt the need to create the best of mobile handsets in this generation. It is one of the many ways to enhance one’s communication with other people around the globe. Mobile phone users are given with a huge selection of mobile phone services providers where they can avail mobile phone contracts, PAYG SIM cards, and other deals. Among these deals, PAYG SIM cards are highly preferred by a lot of people in UK. More and more people start to use PAYG SIM cards because it is a good solution for everyone who want cost-effective call charges and free of charge from some network carriers.

PAYG SIM cards have a lot of benefits. The first advantage is that some providers offer no service charge required to avail this. Customers do not have to a minimum top up so that they can choose whether to load credit right away or not. Most PAYG SIM cards are available at online stores that sell handset accessories, PSP, iPad, and the like. To order PAYG SIM cards, customers need just to visit any of those online stores and fill-out the necessary documents to buy the free SIM cards. Once the customers have received their SIM card, they will then have to choose a PAYG SIM cards tariff. The tariff rate usually depends on the mobile phone providers, but it will likely cost people a minimum of £10 for the first credit payment.

In most cases, mobile services providers have five tariffs available to PAYG SIM cards customers. The first package includes free texts and a few free downloads from an online store. Apparently, this package is best offered for people who do a lot of texting particularly younger users. The second tariff is best for users who want free internet and unlimited texts. It is a great option for people who own a smartphone and want to use several data services. The third PAYG SIM cards tariff focuses on calls and texting, which is recommended for traditional users who are not too concerned about mobile internet surfing and services. The fourth tariff doesn’t offer customers any good freebies, but it does offer very cheap flat rates for texts and calls. This is an ideal package for people who only use their mobile phone for quick calls either landline or handsets. Lastly, this tariff is focused on providing cheap international calls. This PAYG SIM cards tariff package is perfect for people who travel a lot.

Due to its popularity among phone users, PAYG SIM cards plans are offered by almost all mobile phone services provider in the UK. However, to fully enjoy unlimited calls, texts, and internet services, it would be best to look for companies that also offer unlocked mobile phones. This will allow users to enjoy the best features of their phones and the convenience that unlimited services provide for them.