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Jay-Z To Become New Samsung Ambassador In $20 Million Deal

News   •   Jun 09, 2013 20:09 BST

Samsung is one of the biggest electronics companies in the world, and officially the biggest mobile phone manufacturer. This is thanks largely to the success of its flagship range of Galaxy S smartphones. The latest addition to the series is the Galaxy S4, and after months of eager anticipation the phone has recently been hitting the headlines after selling more than 10 million units after its first month on the market. The phone is expected to clock up huge sales figures throughout the rest of the year, and be the biggest selling device of 2013, likely to see more record breaking profits achieved by the South Korean manufacturer.

It is now commonplace for such companies to use celebrities to endorse their products, and Samsung is no different. Talk Android has recently reported that the company is currently in talks with hip hop superstar Jay-Z, with a new endorsement deal which could be worth as much as $20 million to the best selling artist.

This is of course the large amount of money for such a deal, but Jay-Z is one of the highest profile celebrities out there, so it would certainly be worth Samsung's while. After all, Samsung is one of the most profitable companies in the industry, so can certainly afford this fee. In return, the company would likely see a further raise a the popularity of its devices. Of course, Jay-Z has millions of fans worldwide, and these days is just is well known for his business empire as his music, so is certainly no stranger to this kind of arrangement. Updates on Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4 can be found here:

It is currently not known which particular Samsung products Jay-Z will be promoting, but it is likely that these will include the Galaxy S4, as it has only hit the market recently. The website has also reported that the deal could see the release of new products, with suggestions including a new social network, Jay-Z branded headphones, music production apps, or even a new smartphone model. Compare deals on Samsung's Galaxy S4.

We expect more news about this story to be revealed in the coming weeks, so we will be sure to keep you posted with the latest updates.