Judgement: iOS or Android

News   •   Aug 03, 2012 13:00 BST

We’ve seen both operating systems progress and grow with time but we think that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S – the two most popular smartphones for sale right now – are the best devices to show the ultimate power of both operating systems, but which one is the outright winner? Is that even possible to say? Will iOS6 trump the Jelly Bean? Let’s find out….

Since autumn last year, we have been treated to the stunning iPhone 4S. It runs on iOS5 which is super-fast, judged perfectly with the amount of power and technology that’s available, and is clear, simple and easy to use. The main positive of the iOS5 is the ease of use. Anyone can pick a new iPhone 4S up and start using it intuitively. With the Android phone, depending on if it’s Ice Cream Sandwich or the latest Jelly Bean, you do tend to have to try and use it for some time before it sinks in as to how to get around. So, Apple trumps Android in that case.

The HTC One X is another Android phone that runs on ICS and that too has a friendly interface just as the Galaxy S3 does, but again the Apple comes out on top. Really, though, the HTC and the Galaxy are so similar in styling that it would depend on whether you want a premium looking phone like the glass-encased 4S or a slightly natty plastic phone. Lightness is key here, if you want a lightweight smartphone then steer clear of the 4S as it’s a weighty little beast but that adds to the opulence that it has. The two Android phones are lightweight and quite slippy in your hands, but for sliding it into your pocket they both trump the iPhone 4S.

Apple is well known for its apps and clear display. With the folders you can make you can customise the apps and homepages so you can grab things quickly and store others in clear to read places. The sheer volume of apps on the App Store is incredible but Google Play is almost matching it, but in terms of performance from the operating system and apps, it’s Apple again that just about wins. Just.

The beauty about Android phones is they can be overlaid with a different skin or typing helper which lets the whole feel change. This is ideal if you’re not a fan or you feel Apple is a little boring after a while. The amount of updates that Google brings out is good for keeping up to date but it can be tedious. The widget functionality of Android makes it a little more flexible than Apple’s system but you can feel overrun with too much ‘stuff’ to mess about with. Whereas Apple’s iOS5 is all done for you.

It really depends on if you like to change things around and customise the smartphone. If you’re not bothered then check out the iPhone 4S deals, but if you like to get your hands stuck in then see the Samsung Galaxy SIII deals instead.