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Korean News Source Suggests That Four Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Variants Will Be Released

News   •   Jul 10, 2013 09:01 BST

Samsung have already hogged mobile headlines over the past few months thanks to the Galaxy S4 and the various spin offs of this handset that have been released.  It looks as though over the coming weeks Samsung will continue to dominate mobile news thanks to the forthcoming new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handset.  New reports are suggesting that we may see up to four versions of this new model released.

Samsung have achieved great success with the variants of the Galaxy S4 that they have released and it looks as though the South Korean manufacturers have a similar treatment in line for the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model.  According to sources in Korea the manufacturers are attempting to appeal to a host of different consumers with these different versions, one of which will be a budget version of the phone.  This is rumoured to be the equivalent of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini but obviously on a larger scale.  This story has emerged on ETNews, a South Korean news site and they have reported that Samsung also have a Limited Edition premium version of the handset lined up.  This model is set to be constructed from premium materials and also feature a Super AMOLED display which is shatterproof.

A fourth and final version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also tipped for launch and this model will appeal to mid range consumers.  It is said to offer slight changes such as an LCD screen rather than a Super AMOLED display in order to bring the price down a little.  Other aspects of the model are set to mirror the standard version of the device.  According to the sources all of the new spin off models with the exception of the budget phone will be identical in terms of internal specification such as RAM memory and processing units.  At the moment however we have heard no news on a waterproof device so it looks as though an Active version of this exciting model is unlikely.  Visit our website for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deals

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is tipped for arrival in September and we are likely to see the various new versions of this phone rolled out in the weeks following the launch of the standard model.