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Labour Party: Cable is right to say the Government's immigration cap is damaging business - McFadden

News   •   Sep 20, 2010 13:00 BST

Shadow Business Secretary Pat McFadden MP, responding to Vince Cable's comments in today's FT said:

"Vince Cable's comment that the Government's proposed immigration cap is doing "a lot of damage" to British industry is right.  The idea that a global trading nation like ours should stop talent from overseas coming to work or study here is good neither for our economy nor for our world leading position in education and research.  The government is hopelessly at sea on this. 

"They have said they want to promote trade then sent out a signal that talent from overseas is not welcome in the UK.  Of course there should be proper controls on immigration but an arbitrary cap on net numbers is not the way to do it.  The fact is that Labour's points system, properly applied, would provide the controls the public wants while being flexible enough not to hurt our economy.  Vince Cable is right to be resisting the proposal for an annual cap within Government and he should keep doing so."